Where Spatial Harmony Meets Luxurious Design

Your home is a story, and every detail matters. Grace Chahraban Interiors crafts designs that harmonize beauty and function, ensuring your spaces inspire and comfort consistently.

Experience Your Spatial Harmony!

Your home is your sanctuary. It's a space where you connect, recharge, and grow. Let style and function unite to craft an interior that perpetually inspires you and caters to your evolving needs. Grace Chahraban Interiors' personalized service, combined with creativity and meticulous attention to detail, delivers timeless designs with a seamless approach. Take the first step, relax, and enjoy the process… 

"Crafting a home that resonates with you goes beyond just matching colors, fabrics, and finishes. It's about weaving a unique story within your space, narrating it with grace and subtlety."

-Grace Chahraban

Welcome Ease & Flow into Your Interior

Based in Andover, MA, Grace Chahraban Interiors provides full-scale interior design services throughout the New England area. Whether you're looking to refresh a single room, renovate an entire home, or design from the ground up, discover how Grace Chahraban Interiors can guide you to your spatial harmony.

Meet Your Designer

Grace Chahraban is the founder and principal designer of Grace Chahraban Interiors. Grace’s passion for everything unique was her gateway into interior design. She is a strong believer that beauty is derived from the fine balance of form, color, and texture, and that a well-designed space is seen, felt, and enjoyed. Her designs reflect a subtle elegance while remaining highly functional.

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